I threatened people about this, so… here we have it. Another headshot sale. I know, I wanted to do a full-body sale, but I’m a bit strapped for cash, and headshots are a bit faster to do (and sell) than full-body pieces… next time we’ll have full-body pieces. But for now….

A headshot sale!

Commission Inquiry Form //

For 5 usd a piece, you can get a colored headshot of your character! Or if you have more than one headshot to get, you can get 5 headshots for 22 usd; if you have A LOT headshots to get, you can even get 10 headshots (44 usd) and get one free! Pool money with friends if you don’t have that money to spend, but would like to get the freebie headshot too. You don’t need to buy the headshots a one go either; if you buy 5 headshots today but decide later you would like to get 5 more headshots, just let me know you have already ordered, and you will be eligible for the freebie headshot.

For extra 2 usd per headshot, you can get a shading for your headshots, otherwise they will be flat colored. You can get the background either fully transparent, or with a simple color splash.

As these are sale commissions, you will get no previews or WIP shots, just the finished artwork in web resolution (longest side 800 pixels max). I will, however, fix mistakes I have made, in case I overlook something on reference pictures! If you are interested in getting wips/larger resolutions, please see my regular commission info!

I can draw original characters, fan characters, WoW/GW2/WS/other mmo or game player characters, human(oids), furries, fantasy animals (dragons etc.) and the like.

I will not draw canon characters, game/MMO npcs, real life people (includes both celebrities and your family members) or pets, hateful/distasteful content…

Headshots will be completed within 1-5 weeks from payment received. Please note that I acccept PayPal only. Please also note that I will be taking a small summer break and during it I cannot do commission work, so please be willing to wait a few weeks.

If you’re interested, please fill out THIS COMMISSION FORM and I’ll send you an invoice when I have reviewed your form. If you’re still unsure, feel free to check out my “headshot” tag on my art blogs MeoProject and MeoCraft to see more headshot examples! I also have art tags (MeoProject/MeoCraft) you can check out to get a better idea what and how I draw.

Thank you for reading! Signal boosts are appreciated too!

Sir Meo // //

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