Bolvar Fordragon: The person who never says a word during the entire BG but is completely on point with keeping up with whatever the objective is.
Anduin Wrynn: Nightmare of a disc priest who clings to the flag-carrier.
Illidan Stormrage: The pompous dick boasting about their arena rating and gear and how that means people should listen to them.
Onyxia: That asshole shadow priest who MCs people off the back of EoE towers or edge of the Lumber Mill.
Wrathion: The one who tries to make a plan and gets upset when no one follows it.
Left/Right: The person who’s only in the BG to help their friend.
Taoshi: The rogue who runs around sapping everyone.
Ysera: Probably AFK for 90% of the BG and just keyboard twitching to avoid AFK kick.
Thrall: Tries to make a plan and lead; gets extremely passive-aggressive when no one listens and mentions how high their ranking was years ago.
Garrosh Hellscream: The one who keeps fighting in the middle or on the roads.