I forgot how to DK

tevruden halp?

For anything besides DK tanking I am going to punt. shithowdy would probably be better to ask.

The only real big changes for DK tanks is that Mastery: Blood Shield was nerfed so the heal is a bit more important again. Blood boil has replaced heart strike in all situations and death cool has replaced Rune strike


Unholy: Stack multistrike and mastery as your secondaries. Apply diseases (Outbreak, Unholy Blight, or Plague Strike [if those are on CD]; Icy Touch is useless unless you’re glyphed and using it to dispell). Throw down Death and Decay. Spam Scourge Strike and Death Coils– getting your ghoul to 5 stacks for Dark Transformation is a priority. Festering Strike when no other moves are available or if diseases need refreshing. Soul Reaper at 45%. GG top dps.

2H Frost: Stack haste and multistrike as your secondaries. Apply diseases (again, IT is useless and Howling Blast should replace it). Throw down Defile. Push buttons that light up– prioritize Obliterate over everything. Use Killing Machine procs for it instead of Frost Strike, unless there’s too much downtime involved. Spec Plague Leech for more runes. Soul Reaper at 35%.

1H/DW Frost: Vendor or DE your 1H weapons, equip a 2H, and see above.

there go my dreams of DW frost deek shitbaby.

flushed down the drain.

i had such an awesome mog planned

Maybe, wait two weeks:


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