1. Main characters who aren’t reporters, detectives, or
  2. Non-Western supernatural creatures
  3. Non-dragon supernatural creatures
  4. Supernatural creatures fitting the culture they’re related
    to (phoenixes in a Greek neighborhood, kumiho in Koreatown, Dhegdheer in a
    Somali neighborhood)
  5. Local mythologies
  6. Urban legends
  7. Organizations within supernatural hunting (hierarchies,
    safehouses, information networks)
  8. Cooperation with the government
  9. Immortal characters who act immortal
  10. Immortal characters who have different moral standards
  11. Supernatural characters who have different moral standards
  12. Supernatural characters who have different types of gender
  13. Supernatural characters who have different types of
  14. Supernatural societies totally different from human
  15. Supernatural children
  16. Supernatural families
  17. Main characters not ending up in romantic relationships with
    supernatural creatures
  18. Non-hypersexual vampires
  19. Aftermath of reveals of supernatural creatures to the world
  20. Hybrids
  21. Hybrids who are neither despised nor uber-powerful
  22. People who are genuinely afraid of what’s going on
  23. Non-loner main characters
  24. Main characters without tragic backstories
  25. Genuine non-romantic/non-sexual friendships between humans
    and supernatural creatures
  26. Cooperation between different types of creatures
  27. Inter-creature wars
  28. Non-humanoid creatures
  29. Stories set not in the United States
  30. Main characters with no training
  31. Supernatural creatures who have casual non-romantic sexual relationships
  32. Without those relationships being demeaning or cheap
  33. Queer supernatural creatures
  34. Who aren’t queer-coded to be bad or hypersexual
  35. Rural or suburban settings
  36. Laws getting in the way of action
  37. Ethical quandaries about the humanity (or not) of
    supernatural creatures
  38. Supernatural supremacy
  39. Different races within supernatural species (different types
    of vampires, of pixies, of phoenixes, etc.)
  40. Schools for supernatural creatures
  41. Integrated human/non-supernatural schools
  42. Speciesism against supernatural creatures
  43. Genuinely nice supernatural creatures
  44. Powerful supernatural creatures who aren’t super
    manipulative or evil
  45. Dragons (because we can always use more dragons)