“Allegedly” with a gun in his hand

al•leg•ged•ly- (adv) used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.

Sometimes they say “allegedly” specifically to avoid potential legal issues.  In the USA you’re supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty” so “allegedly” is safer to use, as it avoids most legal issues.

(Even though he clearly pulled something on them.  One could argue it was a water pistol replica or rubber training gun or something, even though the chances of that are next to none.)

Reblogging this again as I have done some research and have more information.  (Note, it is also possible he had pulled a taser gun.  Regardles….)

Most places are trying to say this is a race-related incident.  From what I’m seeing, it isn’t.  Here are the facts.

This happened in a Home Owners Association community where there is a community pool.  The pool allows TWO guests per resident – this is a rule you abide by if you live in this community.  However, a teenager living in the community and a DJ who set up by the pool invited people on Twitter to a pool party.  The teenager did NOT request or obtain permission before doing this.  The teen also charged people $15 per person for entry to this unsanctioned party.

The invite went viral, as these sorts of things tend to do.  The resulting hoards of teenagers damaged property, and were being rude to the people who lived there.  They were told to leave, and, instead of leave, they became aggressive.  What you don’t see in this still image is an officer who was being surrounded on all sides by people.  His reaction was to defend himself, and he pulled a weapon.  Upon pulling it, the surrounding people scattered (you see /some/ of them in this still image).

So, it’s still allegedly because court case and all that, but, even if he did pull a taser or real gun, I would say he was 100% justified as he had reasonable belief his safety was in danger.  

I’ve seen this spiraling out of control yet again, and I did the same research you did. My mom was like “I’m going to that protest” and I was like, why? And she explained and showed me the full video of how freaking neglectful the kids were of not following a simple rule. And making cash off of it. The didn’t behave at all when police confronted them. They ran around screaming and scattered without following order. I personally disliked the way the cop shoved the girl to the ground and pulled out supposed gun, but there’s not much else I can say on that.

#i barely see this as a race dispute#I still firmly stand by the rule that anyone can be an asshole it doesn’t matter on race#and to the white kid filming it: the police didn’t confront him because he was just standing there and not jumping around.

Ok but what about this guy though:


He gets just as close as the kids do, and in fact he gets closer. Compare this:


Where he’s literally stepping over the girl, to this:


You can’t say that the cop that the cop couldn’t have noticed him either. The same guy is actually in the frame above, right next to the girl in the top pictures. Meanwhile he does not get a gun pointed at him. There is a definite difference in the way the cop treats the black bystanders as opposed to the way he treats the white ones.

Well, the white man seems to be alone,the black ones aren’t, he might fear a “group effect”. We can’t judge this event yet, I think.

“Group effect” hm?