“oh we want people to spend more time exploring the world!”

“so we’re not going to give them flying!”

“or any reason to go out into the world when it’s approximately 100058954% more convenient to sit in your garrison and gather things that way, because the gathering system is only efficient in competition with garrison buildings if you can fly!”

“and the one thing that made people go back out into the world in Cata – because they wanted to unlock little lore tidbits, earn money, get a chance at rare mounts and pets, and so on?”

“YEAH THAT’S A PAIN IN THE ARSE WITHOUT FLYING because I guess we didn’t tell the people in charge of designing digsites for Draenor that we weren’t going to introduce flying at all. Also you can do it by sitting in your Garrison and collecting minecarts once a day.”

“But, um, jumping puzzles! that you can only complete for any reward once per character! SUPER FUN GAME, RIGHT GUYS?”

“I know people went out in the world in MoP to hunt rares to get mounts and items to sell on the AH, but we’re going to overhaul that and make the first kill of any rare the only one worthwhile on that character. Ever. And maybe it won’t even be worthwhile! Because the drops are set and you could kill a rare as a priest and get a fist weapon.”

“Also: we’re not going to tell the overworld designers that we’re not going to put flying in the game. It’s not like they’re going to put tiny items with collision geometry everywhere so that if you try to go off a pathway (which are obviously going to be straightforward, direct, and clearly marked because we’re not going to be putting flying in the game and nobody wants to waste their time when they just want to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’) you end up running into a million items that you then have to run around!”