Same character, 11 years apart. She was my wish-fulfillment self-insert super special OC when I was a teenager. She was goddamned awful but I had heaps of fun inserting her into whatever fandom I happened to be in at the time (I think by the end of everything she was Vegeta’s digi-destined zoid pilot half-wolf-demon (a la Inuyasha) daughter who carried an 8th millennium item and was simultaneously in a relationship with Irvine from Zoids, Thief King Bakura, and a gijinka Beelzemon named Ryo and her best friends were Pan from DBGT and Akane from Ranma ½).

@ teen girls don’t let anybody shit on you for making a ridiculously overpowered fantasy self-insert, you need to have fun and then 10 years from now you can make little-you proud by drawing better