I don’t normally respond to passive aggressive asks from anons like this, but I’m gonna go ahead and address this now, since I knew I’d get it from someone in the tumblr SU community.

Rose is not pregnant in the picture. She is depicted as thick as her painting above the door in the show and in non pregnant scenes. She is still CLEARLY a plus sized woman. Since part of her stomach is covered by her arm in the poase I took care in showing that her arms, belly rolls and legs show her thickness. As a plus sized woman myself I believe that I have depicted her accurate to the character, while still in my style.

I understand fat erasure is a problem in the art community, and it’s great to finally have a beautiful, graceful character depicted as plus sized. But it’s disappointing to see the comments on LITERALLY EVERY rose picture about someone disappointed in her depicted size. This community is going to turn off every artist from even wanting to TRY to draw artwork of this wonderful fat woman, for fear that they ‘disappoint’ someone, and that is a god damn shame.

I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but in this case I stand by my depiction of the character. This will be my only response on this matter.

On a similar note: If anyone sees my artwork as disappointing or offensive to your sensibilities, I encourage you to utilize tumblrs new block feature. It will prevent you from seeing any further artwork from me in common fandom tags.