Commissions are open again! There will only be five slots available this time and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

  • All prices are in USD and subject to change without notice.
  • I will only accept payment upfront through PayPal.
  • Turnaround time can take two to three months. If I end up taking longer, I’ll let you know!
  • Please
    provide the full name/physical description/personality of the character
    you want drawn. Picture references (screenshots, face claims, other
    artwork, whatever you think I’ll need to make sure I get your character
    as accurate as possible) are greatly appreciated.
  • Characters can
    be from any fandom or completely original. No anthro or mecha please.
  • NSFW content allowed (blood, nudity, limited gore, sexual content, kinks to a degree). I will not draw non-con, underage, and certain fetishes.
  • All
    finished commissions will be posted on my blog—please do not repost.
    And please provide your tumblr username so I can link back to you.
  • More examples of my art are in my art tag!
  • If there’s something you want that’s not on here, talk to me and I’ll figure out the price!
  • Please send all commission requests/inquiries/payment to my email: templum_sanctus@yahoo.com