These are finalized prices for 2015.

Yes = NSFW Humanoids, most beings, women, etc.
No = There isn’t much that really  bothers me, tbqh. I will pretty much draw anything with enough information and references. Details are great!

I only use PayPal, and I will give you the PayPal I am currently using once you’ve made contact with me and have discussed the price of your commission.

Examples Used: [Argonians], [For Iraey], [Glimpse into the Past].

I will stream your commission, too, at a set time at your request.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

You can contact me by E-mail: Sneaky.Imps@gmail.com

Current Queue!

To clarify something; I’m in need of commission work to get
both myself and butchflowerss​ out of very problematic
living situations. I’m squirreling my money away for a deposit on an
apartment, the following month’s rent, food, and other expenses that
crop up. I need this for my SO’s safety, but also for my own mental
health. Both of us are trying to get on our own, but it’s not easy.

I’m still saving my money towards moving out, but due to some expenses (vet trips for two of our cats), I’m hurting for work. Everything will be done by the end of the month, or told otherwise via email + constant communication.