Will you still be doing Gil commissions? Or have you converted wholly to cash?



From what I’ve read on some posts floating around here on tumblr, gil commissions were addressed on the forums and its considered an offense that warrants one’s account to be banned? I think? I certainly don’t want that at all and I’m sure none of my followers do either. 

SO… what I’d be willing to do in that case, is offer a trade. If you’d like to use gil to pay for a commission, what you’d be doing instead is paying for an item I have in game. I won’t make it a dinky item either, I will get something of value equivalent to the agreed amount of gil. So you will get an item from me as well as a piece of artwork as a thank you!

The item up for exchange can be discussed when we agree on the trade. I do have all of Ange’a’s gathering classes at 50, so I could gather materials for you or even craft a few materials if you need them too! The artwork from me will be a thank you gift for the exchange.

This, however, still limits those types of transactions to the Balmung server. If I ever get the chance to level a toon on another server up to 50 (soon to be 60, goodness gracious) and get their gathering jobs up, I will be sure to let folks know! As of right now, the other realms I’d be looking at are: Gilgamesh, Midgardsormr, and Excalibur. If I get enough interest from folks on other servers I will certainly look into working on an alt there too!

As for the livestream event I mentioned in the last ask, that one I will only be accepting cash for those commissions.

seirye is my girlfriend, and she and her brother are going to be visiting my state in late July! I have plans to drive the 4 hours down to where they’ll be for a week so I can visit, and having the little extra funds would help me feel a lot more secure about the trip since the end of the month is when a lot of my bills come out and I’ll have to pay them early in the month if I want to go on the trip! 

So the commission cash will be going to a good cause! Help Angel meet Sin IRL! 😀

Yeah, I recall someone (I can’t recall who) on WoW once did “designer bags”. You bought a bag from them in-game, spending way more than you normally would for said bag (it being a “designer” bag since it has the name of the creator in the bag description), and in turn they gave you a “free” commission. It was a very clever way to get around the problem of “exchanging gold for RL goods” thing :3

I’m pretty sure that was shithowdy

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