aries: concert
taurus: restaurant
gemini: theme park
cancer: hell
leo: movies
virgo: bookstore
libra: museum
scorpio: cafe
sagittarius: hiking
capricorn: theatre
aquarius: observatory
pisces: aquarium

oh okay i get it. just cause im a pisces i wanna go to a fuckng aquarium. fuck you, i dont want to go to a fucking aquarium for a date. who the fuck wrote this shit list im going to kick your ass. you think just cause my sign is two stupid fucking fish that i wanna see a bunch of other stupid fuckng fishes dying and breathing in poopwater in big glass cages no fuck you. no i dont wanna do that. why scorpio and taurus and gemini get all this fun shit but i gotta be a fuckin fish stuck in fish hell. u know waht im just gonna come out and say it: i ahte swimming. i hate swimming. i havent liked swimming ever and the fact that im a ppisces mean every1 gonna assume i like 2 swim but u know what. i dont like to swim. im so sick of all this water shit from these zodiacs i mean god damn in the pokemon one which type is pisces gonna be ITS WATER DID U THINK IT WOULDNT BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN FUCKIGN WATER of course its water i didnt even have 2 look at that goddam fuckin pokemon one cause i knew pisces was gonna be shitty water. why is pisces the one thats always water anyways. aquarius was water IN THE name (aqua) and that spanish for water so why the fuck isnt aquarius the sign thats in water hell why it gotta be me. fuck this shit whoever made this shitty date shit fuck u im never going to an aquarium again