So remember how I was spazzing about drawpile earlier today?  Just tried it out right now and … SUCH A GOOD.

It’s like if OpenCanvas 0.86 got an upgrade to the modern world.

It’s free, it can record your art, there are actual layers and actual brushes, and uvu I’m just so happy.  Like, you can use it as a drawing program on the regular, BUT ALSO you can invite your friends to draw or to watch.

(Like, you can do that fun thing where one person pencils, another person inks, and another person colors, etc etc.  Or just draw and chat.)

Seriously – download it (it’s got Mac, Windows, and even Linux versions!)  Then we can draw stuff together!! :DDD

DO IT AND COME PLAY WITH ME!!! <333 Seriously, it’s like pchat of old days except with a way more beefier tools, colours and layers section. It’s a collaborative Painter Sai. It’s fekkin’ awesome, is what!

icyvveins heavy-hearted-prince

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