It seems Paint Tool SAI does not like Windows 10 at all, because when I tested it on the beta version of Win10, it wouldn’t run at all. If you use SAI as your main drawing program and wish to continue using it, then I strongly suggest you avoid upgrading to Windows 10 until somebody finds a way to get it to work on there. It’ll be a real bummer to see anybody having to struggle with the loss of SAI because of a Windows upgrade that it’ll refuse to work on.

Fyi, just in case this is true teatimejess

Thanks for the heads up oh gosh

Right click -> run as admin and using compatibility mode still works. 🙂 The OP deleted this post when they realised they made a mistake and caused a bit of a panic.

This is the reason I really hate Tumblr sometimes. Incorrect information gets out and reblogged like wildfire.. and even if the OP is removed or corrected it still gets out and causes panic and misinformation. 🙁 Ugh.

TLDR; Sai is safe, Tumblr is dumb! 

It should also be mentioned that Windows 10 doesn’t get released for another two months.