Don’t use your mount IC if it’s not a standard mount or you’re a bad.

My paladin got Mimiron’s Head in Ulduar.  I say that IC.  I don’t care if people don’t like it.  I got that mount when it was hard to get.  I’m proud of that mount.

No flimsy excuse for him.  He’s just a veteran of the wars in Northrend.  *pfft* 

I feel you on the mount pride lol, my char doesn’t use his Mim IC but he does use his pureblood fire hawk.  Got lore behind it and everythang, haters can eat ash 

lol there are SO MANY COOL MOUNTS people can get but naw, let’s discourage people from getting creative in a game where you can play as a talking cow or a business goblin or a goddamn space alien because we wouldn’t want our fantasy world to be UNREALISTIC


Tev’s frostbrood drake mount is completely IC and is also actually another character I RP and I’m completely unrepentant.

Look at these two nerds.