I’m getting tired of the ”reblog” dont just “like” other people’s art” posts…

how about we stop guilt tripping followers to get notes???


Yeah, not like artists need to make a living or anything and if you like the image so much, why not reblog it and share it with others since likes literally are just for either saving it for later or for liking if you already reblogged?
I understand if someone hit the post limit and are just liking something to come back to it later. However, why just like a post so you can go “this is nice” when you can go “this is nice I like it, OTHER PEOPLE LOOK!”

As someone who makes a living doing art? This isn’t about trying to guilt trip you. This is about advertisement and appreciation.

When I post my work up for folks to see I encourage sharing because it’s nice when people see my work and while the first person who reblogs it might not be my customer, their followers might. I’ve reblogged folks work before because “This is pretty and you know what? I can’t support them right now, I can’t afford to buy their stuff but maybe one of my followers will take interest!”

Seeing a like is nice and it can help an artist’s self esteem and make them smile. A reblog carries more weight because not only does it say “I like it!” it says “I like this thing SO MUCH that I want to share it with others!” It is a much more tangible method of support.

I do a lot of self advertising in different ways but I also get a lot of customers by word of mouth. Someone buys from me and shows what they got to a friend or makes a post about it and then their friend, in turn, buys something. Some of mine and my fiance’s scribble-liberty‘s long term customers came to us this way. Heck, Twitter shoutouts get me a lot of icon commissions because folks update their icon and mention it and then other people ask about where it came from.

Are there artists that are going to be angry when they put things out and no one reblogs it? Yes. Are there going to be some that aren’t nice about how they ask for reblogs? Yes. But take a moment to see it from their perspective here. They might put a lot of work into that thing they made. They might be struggling with getting work. They might be trying to sell their work. For these folks seeing you like their post instead of reblogging it says “Well…’s good….but not good enough.” I cannot tell you how many artists I know that internalize this. Some of my favorite artists think that they must be awful at art because “No one reblogs it.”

And I’m also going to state right now:


This is not always about being popular. This isn’t high school. This is the internet. These people have a MUCH larger range of reasons for doing things than just popularity.

Will there be artists that do it just for that? Yes. Is that what every single artist is doing it for? No.

I make art as my job. If something I make gets popular then that’s great for me because it means more traffic and potentially, more sales. Which means bills can be paid and necessities purchased.

Art is a service. We do like to do it but it is a service. If someone is selling it? It’s their job. Reblogging is an excellent way of not only showing you appreciate this service but also showing the artist that you think their work deserves support.

It’s not intended to be “GOD REBLOG MY SHIT OR ELSE” it’s just frustrated people asking “If you like my work why not share it? Why not support it? Am I really that bad?”

And this post is also not intended to guilt trip you. It’s intended to explain why it is that some artists ask for reblogs. Because when folks share what we do? It helps some of us make a living. Probably more of us than you think.

Are there things that I, as an artist, like and don’t reblog? On the very rare occasion and usually smut art that is something I don’t necessarily want to share with my followers. But most of the time I hit the like and the reblog because “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS COOL NEW THING SOMEONE DID WOW!!”

I’d also like to end this with a legit question though. 

“Why are you okay with reblogging the cute cat video or the funny gif or the horoscope text posts but you don’t feel inclined to reblog someone’s art?”

How is it bad to ask for notes? I see people do it all the time for every other kind of post. Why not art? This website has so much reliance on images. And beyond that, I fail to understand how asking for a reblog instead of a like is “asking for notes” in the first place. A like is one note. A reblog is one note. The only difference is, other people can see it. I don’t think that’s a greedy thing to ask for to get your art out there. If you like it enough to give it a like in the first place, there’s no reason to assume no one else will. Pass it on.

Okay, I’m a professional freelance artist and I’m going to throw out my thoughts on this. Some parts are uncomfortable to read so I ask that you read to the end.

It’s all in how you ask. I’ve seen quite a few of the ‘reblog the artist don’t just like’ posts that are downright passive aggressive and uncomfortable to read. I personally don’t think that the original poster means it to come off that way, and often they’re posted out of genuine anger, frustration or even desperation. But what it DOES do, is immediately turn off your fanbase.

People are a contrary thing, they don’t like to be told what to do, and when to do it. They don’t like to be made to feel guilty. Take the legit question above “Why are you okay with reblogging the cute cat video or the funny gif or th ehoroscope text posts but you don’t feel inclined to reblog someone’s art’.

That phrasing is enough (and I”m sorry poster who said that, becaues I’m sure this will make you feel bad, but it shows what I mean), to make people feel guilty for liking cute cats, horoscopose and funny gifs. But maybe not so much the world of warcraft smut commission post. Or maybe a friend doodled something that you just… really really really dislike but hit a heart to show your friend you support their art without actually reblogging it (watch all my art friends get paranoid now). Or maybe, like me, you get people messaging consistantly asking for advertising of their latest things, to the point that you can’t advertise your *own* art on your own page without sounding like a used car salesman.

I am not saying it is bad to ask for notes, I am saying.. watch how you ask it. Show a little respect and appreciation to your fanbase who is choosing to share *their* space with you. Don’t make them feel bad for the things they do like to share. Maybe see what you have in common and share it with them. Hey I heard you love funny cat pics, could I get your thoughts on this goofy kitten picture I drew? Even direct asking is cool. Hey, you’re really into tarot, my group is doing a tarot group, would you take a look and see if it’s something you all would like? Or even Hey everyone, this is my newest kickstarter, I’m really hoping to make goal! I’d appreciate any backers and if you can’t help out that way, that’s okay, a share would be amazing! Thank you so much!

I know, I KNOW first hand how frustrating and hard it is to advertise art, commissions, kickstarters, and so on. I know it can drive you crazy trying to get that audience so you get the magic number to feed your families. I know how you feel guys, I really do. But remember, it’s about the art and it’s about sharing the love of what you do, that’s why people follow and reblog. Not because you can’t make your medical bills this month or can’t feed your family.

It’s a lesson I still struggle with to this day. Everyone has their burden, you have no idea how many times I have a medical emergency or a car breaking down and I just want to beg people to help. I often commisserate about mental illness in my posts many times. But the thing is.. as an artist, our job isn’t to shove our burdens onto others, it’s to create a fantasy to escape from those burdens. Or a world where the burdens feel shared. Or a voice for those who can’t express it. That, is how you get reblogs and followers and make your living.

Take a deep breathe. Power through the frustration, focus on your art, focus on your voice. You are amazing, I know you can do it. It may take time. Everyone grows at their own pace, and never compare your success to someone else’s. But do believe in yourself and keep going.

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