ok but 21st century vampires 

  • they go out twenty minutes after sundown and set their phone alarms for half an hour before sunrise so they can cinderella it out of the club
  • instead of sleeping in coffins all day they marathon shows on netflix or blog or do makeup tutorials on youtube 
  • and ok, so many more job opportunities like
  • web design or extra cash from accounts on etsy or whatever
  • creatives who can make a profit from their work by selling it online
  • airplanes staffed by a coven who only ever take flights which take off and land in the dark, the pilot switching off to his co-pilot just before daybreak
  • every undesirable night shift in diners and gas stations and transport
  • night time road work crews
  • they bulk buy coconut water because its similar enough to blood plasma that they can cut back on real blood
  • transferring their raw wealth into real estate investments and inheriting the properties from themselves every few decades
  • tech savvy vamps who make a career out of helping others forge identities and stay off the grid without encumbering their real world interactions
  • using the internet to get in touch with others when you first turn
  • international covens keeping in touch via social media outlets
  • intra-covens activities organized via facebook events  
  • treaties sorted over skype calls