Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 

i feel as though ravenclaws would have driven Hermione Granger up a wall they neVER DO THEIR HOMEWORK??? I though this was the smart house???? and Ravenclaws are like yeah kay but GET THIS DID YOU KNOW AN ANIMAGUS – but potions homework – who even CARES about potions right now I’m researching this COOLER THING uncouple the idea of ‘smart’ with the idea of ‘good at school’

I bet for the professors teaching Ravenclaws is like herding cats away from empty boxes.

Older Ravenclaws have finely honed the art of asking just the right argumentative questions to direct their teacher onto an entire-class-session-long tangent about something entirely irrelevant to the course material. 

Can you imagine Ravenclaws trying to overhaul the entire school system with Muggle ideas. Trying to figure out how to best teach people, more concerned with how people learn than what they’re learning.

“Why do we force people to learn things they aren’t interested in, we should create our own curriculum.”

“We should figure out everyone’s learning styles.”

“We need smaller class sizes.”

“No, no, wait, guys, what if we eliminated grades entirely.

Yeah, Ravenclaws would drive Hermione up the wall.

“Fire the whole staff and start over.”

“Present more opportunities for seventh-year independent research!”

“Why hasn’t anyone made magically modified calculators yet?”

“Why are we still using quills and parchment when pencils exist? Please explain.”

“I don’t want to enter the work force directly after school, what are my options for higher education? Is there magical university?”

“I don’t feel confident in my professor’s qualifications because she’s teaching me astrology but doesn’t know any facts about space beyond about the year 1764.”

Muggleborn Ravenclaws forming rogue study groups to teach other students chemistry and algebra and English literature, just imagine. 

“They call this the astronomy tower but we’re learning about the effects of Venus when it’s in the fourth house and the professor doesn’t believe Neptune is a planet I am really concerned.”

“Okay but what’s the oxidation state of Mandrake root in pepperup potion?”

“But can you apply differential calculus to arithmancy or not?“ 

“The portrayal of the witches in Macbeth has some pretty troubling implications, also, I don’t think their potion would have actually done anything.”

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