A video game that lampshades the player’s ability to revive after death and incorporates it into the setting:

“I don’t know what planet you’re from, kid, but here on Earth people stay dead.”

And they do. NPCs that are killed stay dead. You experience loss over the course of the plot until one of the first NPCs to die shows up again, laughs, and says,

“It’s a bit different than back home, isn’t?”

And turns out to be the Big Bad.


Even better, make everything broach upon the Fourth Wall. The protagonist can hear background music, glances at the camera and mutters about being watched, and, best yet, whenever a decision is made that contradicts the protagonist’s personality, the protagonist tries to resist the decision, only to obey the player’s will.

Sinister music starts to play and and the protag stiffens and starts muttering “shit, shit, shit, shit, something’s coming, where’s it coming from? Shit-“