WELLP. Looks like [Rukhmar’s Sacred Memory] finally has an in-game source, so I’m allowed to get excited about my ladybirb again.

Her name is Zareyx. She’s a sol-shaper and member of the Order of the Awakened. I had rolled her up as a Pally but realized it wouldn’t quite fit, so she’s a fire Mage now. Since she’s a spellcaster she can hold her illusion together with her own “mirage” magic, but it is just that, no physical form to the elf. (Hence why Pally didn’t fit for me… no physical changes, so she doesn’t have the upper body strength to be one, even Holy. Plus I already have a Holy Pally.)

She’s a more serious type of character. Kinda no-nonsense, but not quite a hardass. She’s a sort of ambassador, so it’s no secret that she’s an arakkoa. It’s just easier to get around cities in elf form, less staring and people stopping her.

Still gotta take a solid pass at “birb-ifying” her transmog (like I did with Vronaak). Just wanted to get a concept sketch down.