Bern’s ugly face haha.

It was mentioned a few times that Roteye isn’t very expressive, and the thing is – he’s not! – he isn’t a very expressive man. His expressions are always pretty subtle, unless he’s very angry or surprised, and 99% of the time the one expression he usually has is the angry douchebag eyebrows one. 

He almost always looks both serious and angry about something, and it just adds to his overall intimidating looks. He doesn’t mind it at all – in fact, he knows he looks scary to most strangers he meets, and he’s okay with it, as it means that people’ll leave him alone and won’t be looking for trouble. Of course, there’s always someone who’ll try to insult or otherwise provoke him, but that doesn’t happen too often, and even then it typically ends in Bernard walking away.

The old man isn’t actually angry in most cases, and those that know him better are aware that he’s a very gentle and soft-spoken man for the most part, despite his fierce nature and appearance. The only times when he can actually be upset about how he looks and what he’s like is when dealing with Cel, as the little elf was scared of him for quite a while and it took time for her to trust him enough, so he’s very paranoid about doing anything that could hurt or intimidate her.