This is the last thing I’m gonna say about that smoking thing.

People (re: smokers) are getting mad that people are making a stink about where ya’ll smoke. But think about this-

I understand it may be your coping method, and that’s fine. But that is a choice you made. You consciously decided to start smoking to cope with your problems.

The people who are affected by smoking are not making a stink about it because “it’s annoying”, we’re making a stink about it cause cigarettes harm everyone involved, users and bystanders.

Some of us are in even worse shape over cigarettes because we’re allergic/have respiratory problems.

So please, we understand that ya’ll need to smoke. We’re not telling you to quit, we’re not telling you you’re disgusting for having the habit. But refusing to go the extra mile to protect the innocent people around you is reckless and technically – life endangerment.

We all know what second hand smoke does to people. Smoke in your own home, in your car. Go to open areas where there’s little to no people. Go to smoking areas.

Seriously, ya’ll really don’t seem to understand that asthmatics/people with breathing problems are really affected by a 2 minute smoke break.

You don’t know who has breathing problems. I’m tired of seeing people complaining about this. IMO you don’t have room to complain. You weren’t born with the need to smoke. The least you could do is help the people like me born with shitty fucking lungs.