yea smoking is bad for u but have u considered this!!! smoking is often used as a stim/coping method/crutch by neurodivergent people – a disproportionate amount of whom are working class or poor – or both!!!

so don’t be a dick abt it!!!

marlboros new advertising campaign is wild

How can you be working class and not poor at the same time

well, im working class and from a working class family since…forever tbh. but within that, we’ve had varying levels poorness. we’ve been on the breadline in the past, but currently we’re…nearly getting by. things are okay for now. doesn’t mean we suddenly aren’t working class.  

more succinctly, in the uk at least social class and income aren’t actually that closely linked

*thoughtful* nnnnooo, if you smoke anywhere near me (which includes any public spaces, ever, including the streets), i’m pretty sure i’ll still punch you so hard your rotting lungs come out your asshole. i give exactly 0 fucks about your neurodivergence or your class, you’re still an inconsiderate twatwad. 

Yup. When your stim literally fucking hurts me (as another neurodivergent person who is also ASTHMATIC) and literally fucking poisons people around you, YOU get to find a new fucking stim.

Try suckers. They cost less, and they don’t give OTHER people cancer.

This. Being disabled does not give someone the right to harm other people.

I mean I smoke because it’s the one vice I’m able to have with all the medication I’m on and it helps me relax but it’s still a filthy habit

I’m all for not being a dick to people who smoke in their own privacy because your life, your choices, but. Uh.

“yea smoking is a coping mechanism but have u considered this!!! smoke can aggravate breathing disabilities and cause sensory nightmares for neurodivergent people – a disproportionate amount of whom are working class or poor – or both!!!”

like maybe don’t use mentally ill people as props in an argument that can go both ways   

I love seeing people threaten violence against ppl like me because they don’t like my stim
Y’all are fucking disgusting as hell we aren’t blowing smoke in ur fucking face Jesus Christ the ableism here is incredible

yeah ok got it its now ablest to ask that people dont exacerbate respiratory issues by not smoking around people IF IT HELPS U COPE WITH WHATEVER ITS A OKAAAAAAAAAY

(Also guess what there’s literally like a 20ft cloud of this shit around you. I can tell when my downstairs neighbor is smoking on the patio when my bedroom window is open.)