I know a lot of people want to make friends on here, and a lot of people think just sending a message, ‘HEY I WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND!’ or a long message about how much you admire them will suddenly make you two besties but that usually isn’t how it works and a lot of times those messages can be really overwhelming and put the other person on the spot because they don’t want to hurt your feelings but at the same time they don’t know you and don’t know how to react to you. Like, commenting back and on forth on posts, keeping tabs on their interests and sharing their interests, if they mention something going on and you message them about that situation rather than who they are like, ‘OMG THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO! ARE YOU OKAY? AFTERWARDS I WAS LIKE-’ rather than ‘I LOVE YOU PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES!’ because one starts a conversation and other you just get a ‘ha, thanks’ , these things start the conversation and the person you want to be friends with gets to know you and they aren’t suddenly overwhelmed by you. Friendship is familiarity and comfort, and you can’t really start that off by being aggressive.