Racism between humans on Azeroth would exist. Not because of skin color but other reasons, aka any discrimination between Gilneans and the humans of Stormwind. There has been zero records of racial segregation in WoW lore related to the color of someones skin.

Racism with humans against those green-skin orcs would exist for obvious reasons. Blatant classism unrelated to the tone of someones skin would also exist.

Learn the difference. Keep your OOC hate out of RP. Keep that hate in an itty bitty box and slap yourself.

Your character might have lots of personal reasons to judge another character or species or faction on Azeroth, but skin color should never be one of them especially among their own species.  Real people get enough of that on Earth.

So why make your character a basic ass racist in the real world sense when you have LOTS of other options like:

  • Lordaeronies judging Gilneans for hiding behind their walls all those years instead of aiding their brethren
  • Dark Irons and Wildhammers judging the Bronzebeards for being so chummy with humans, space sheep, tophat dogs, etc.
  • Orcs judging smaller characters like murlocs and gnomes for being tiny with smol muscle ha
  • Tauren judging everyone in the horde for disrespecting the shit out of the Earth Mother on a constant basis holy shit 
  • Undead judging the living for being weak ass babies oh no you’ve been eviscerated pfff cry more
  • Worgen judging druids because wow why would you WILLINGLY turn into an animal??
  • Casters judging melee and vice versa (melee true master race btw)
  • Goblins judging other goblins from rival cartels DONT BUY FROM THOSE SCAMMERSSSS
  • Draenei judging everyone because everyone is deviantart teenagers to them 
  • Belfs judging everyone cuz they’re just better than u srry m8

And many more!  Endless possibilities!  Plenty of ways your character can be a hateful asshole within Azeroth!  No need to bring IRL hate into the equation.