I have about 50$ to pay by sunday. It’s the cost of my florist diplome/the exam and any necessities that the school has to buy for it. What I usually pay for school isn’t much, but I didn’t read my papers properly and ended up missing that point so I wasn’t prepared, lol.

Thing is, 50$ is quite a big deal for me at the moment. May seems to be the month of various unexpected necessities.

So, what I am offering is exactly that: 50$ in drawings with an extra.

My current pricing is 20$ for a fullbody, 15 for a waist-up, and 10 for a potrait + every additional character adds 5bucks, all with simple colors, like this:

That means for the 50$ you have a choice: five portraits, two fullbody drawings with two characters each, etc… On top of that, you get an additional colored waist-up.

To sum it up:

Pay 50$, get drawings of your choice + an additional colored waist-up!