So, my whole issue with the whole Failzeroth FB group is this:

When did they decide they were the experts on lore? Blizzard isn’t even expert on their own lore, so how has it come to this FB to police lore? They’re not writers for Blizzard. They’re not server GMs. What authority do they have besides being prissy elitists? 

Did you all get snubbed for being ‘special snowflakes’ once and decided if you couldn’t do it, no one could? How do you guys possibly think you’re helping the community at all? 

Let people RP what they want. Ignore the ones you don’t like. Find a nice quiet space in the city to RP where you don’t have to even see them if you must. You are not the RP Police, and we will call you out on your bullshit.

Have a wonderful, passive aggressive smiley filled day! 🙂

They’re not even that good with the shitty lore already available anyways. “Orcs can’t DK.” “Night Elves shouldn’t get piercings/tattoos”. It goes on. 

They might want to… gently… bring up that first point w/ this guy: