talyor swifts team spent a gajillion dollars on that expensive ass music video with explosions weapons and CGI just to be  upstaged by Nicki and Bey sharing now and later candy lmao they aint even give her a full 24 hours boi gotdam

what do you mean “upstaged” lol taylor swift is a pop artist and nicki and bey are hip hop and r&b artists which means they wont even phase each other because demographically and musically they are literally polar opposites of one another and not even in competition at all so tell me, why are you pitting women against each other???? why is it necessary to turn everything women do into a competition?

not to mention the fact that taylor’s video contained more women than half the movies nominated for oscars in the past 5 years and it was done to empower her audience which is mainly women. Nicki and Bey’s video is also an empowering video but just in a different light. Two women of color who are both top selling artists doing a fun video just for themselves. They were just dancing and having fun, making faces and eating candy and sharing outfits, aaaand the song is literally about them loving themselves and how women should be loving themselves.
so yeah, don’t fucking force women to compete, especially when neither of those videos was anything but positive.