• go 40 minutes without blowing your nose when you have a cold so you don’t have to loudly blow it in front of a group of people
  • use extremely dull pencils because you don’t want to sharpen them because that is also loud
  • not order what you actually want to eat because people might think it’s strange
  • not wear the clothes you want to wear
  • wear the clothes you want to wear and then spend the whole day worrying that everyone is judging you
  • put down every accomplishment you have ever made for fear of being looked at as different

-hold your pee for 4 hours because you’ve never been to this house before 

-go without food rather than eat in the cafeteria because you’re afraid someone will judge you for eating alone  

-show up to class 20 minutes early so you can be the first person to sit down 

-panic for the next 15 minutes that you’re in the wrong room because nobody else has shown up  

-wander around a building for half an hour waiting for someone else to open the door of the classroom you need to be in because it might be locked and then you look dumb for trying to open it