This is funny but I’m sorry no. I see female characters who are usually hunters or healers and they have a slutty name and/or tmog. My first impression is that they’re either a guy irl. or a girl looking to get attention because she’s a girl and she’s playing WoW. like for real I know Blizzard makes these sets. But you don’t have to pick out the sluttiest AH gear you can find and slap that shit on. take on the grind of soloing old content (possibly for weeks to get your new set) and feel accomplished about getting this sexy raid set. But nah be slutty for attention and free shit. Get guys to give you gold so you can buy even more shitty AH gear. Baby girl if you’re dressing this way in game, what can we learn about you out of game. get an appropriate tmog and don’t cry when someone slut shames you. Play the game as its meant to be played.

The other day a 32 blood elf hunter was talking in trade chat about how trashy her boyfriend is and that she’s all upset, basically a whine for free shit and attention.

Then a girl on Craigslist willing to trade sex for a mount that costs less than 50g

Faith lost.

Hello two things

1. Just.. stop. You literally reinforced what op said about how people need to stop thinking that the way they want to dress their character indicates anything other than the fact that they just really like the mog

2. Unfollow me cause I don’t want someone with slut-shaming opinions following my blog, where it’s a very sex positive space

seriously, you’re not wanted here.