Where? Wrymrest Accord US: Dalaran: The Legerdemain Lounge (cross realm invites and warlock summons available on Alliance from my toon Doloron. Need someone to volunteer the same for Horde)

Why? Just for fun!

When: 6pm server time, May 29

Credit goes to many-anduin-wrynns for the idea but sadly he doesn’t have a wow sub currently. However I really wanted to do a dragon tavern night! 

The only requirement to join is to have a dragon oc! The event is open to both horde and alliance. No sign up is needed either, just show up at the time. (unless you need a server invite or lock summon there will be a list of people to contact ) This is a judgement free zone so rude comments and/or ‘oc shaming’ will NOT be tolerated. (Basically, don’t be a dick ooc.) 

Contact list (to be updated!) 


Doloron: Invites and warlock summons. 


Message me if you want to volunteer for this!