Tumblr is weird because one slip up can literally take you from beloved saint to being labeled as an irredeemable piece of trash. Like Joss Whedon. I’m not crazy about him, and some things in Age of Ultron did bother me, but damn. Suddenly everything he’s ever said or done is terrible. Like people used to love Buffy, Firefly and the first Avengers movie, and now suddenly everyone’s bending over backwards to find ways of accusing him of being a terrible, racist, sexist person. And it’s happened to a lot of people. You know you don’t have to agree with every damn thing a person says or does to like or respect them. People make mistakes sometimes. And it’s just weird because it’s such a hivemind, like one minute something is beloved by everyone, but then someone decides it’s bad and soon everyone is just condemning it as the worst thing in existence.