Tev, Ro and #6. HARD MODE


“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Tevruden asked upon walking in, and even though his boyfriend was there, in bed and naked – all he did was walk over to the chest at the foot of the large bed and start unbuckling his armor.

“Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?” Ro’liath mumbled, thumbing a page of his book. He didn’t even look up when he heard the clank of saronite hitting the floor.

“Is Feiyn still out?” Tevruden asked, Ro’liath responding with a gentle nod of his head and turning another page. The larger knight chuffed and went to his tasset, “So the letter you left on my desk saying to come up to the quarters was just to watch you read?”

“Mm.” Ro’liath brought a hand to his chin pensively, “It’s gettin’ good, can’t stop yet.”

“Frostbane, you know how busy I am. Watching you read smut books is very low on my to-do list.” Tevruden muttered as he finished unbuckling his tasset and legplates.

“Fine, fine… It can wait.” Ro’liath frowned some, bending the corner on his current page and setting the book on the nightstand. He looked to Tevruden then, and instantly a smile spread across his face. His lover was already practically naked – reaching down to pull off his greaves.

“Wait, leave them.” Ro’liath spoke up, “I like it when you leave your boots on.”

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