if you see a callout post and:

  • you don’t know the person who made the post
  • you don’t know the person whom the post is about
  • you have no personal connection with any of the things that went down in the post
  • there is no definitive proof of any of the claims made in the post, or the proof provided is questionable, or looks like it could have been edited (either by wholesale fabrication or selective removal of context)

don’t reblog it. it’s 2015. we’ve all seen this cycle enough times to recognize how the goodwill to protect abuse victims can be weaponized by abusers. it is better to abstain from something that is not your business or responsibility to rectify than to potentially contribute to what has been well established as one of the most ruthlessly effective ways to destroy somebody.

mashes reblog

this reblog brought to you by seeing 2 artists i like have lies smeared about them on this site 🙂