Ooooorgh! That makes me so happy to know you liked that, because I still like that to this day ;u;

I… we need to have those guys meet and be absolutely horrendous to everyone! Ed is a bit elitist towards lockylocks, but that might just make this even more awesome! 

“I open the portals, he kicks people into them. We then place bets on where they end up.”
“That one armed priest earlier? Un’goro crater. Extra points? Tar pit.”
“I dare to assume he may have ended up about five feet above the thousand needles. I hope he knows how to swim!”

“What about the red headed paladin with him?”
“Oh it’s not fair to separate them. They were clearly an item. “
“I’d wager they’re probably soaking wet and thoroughly regretting asking you for a favour.”
“It’s their gold. I’m not going to fault them on how they spend it on “faulty” transportation methods.”


oooooh my god, while Vandorin wouldn’t really appreciate having anyone acting superior to him, he’d certainly appreciate fuckin with people with a pretty eeeeelf oh maaaan