You know, an R-rated Deadpool film is well and good, but I kind of want to see Wade show up in one of the regular X-Men films, too.

I want to see him hastily catch himself every time he’s about to say “fuck”, because he knows that the film – being rated PG-13 – is only allowed one F-bomb, and he wants to make it count.

I want to see him throw the ugliest tantrum when, after he spends the whole movie saving up that one allotted “fuck” for the perfect moment, somebody else uses it up before he has a chance.

And that someone is Wolverine.

I so love that this is completely possible in upcoming films

Wade: Everyone knowns PG-13 mean you only get one f-bomb. Gotta use it wisely.

Wolverine: What the fuck are you talking about?

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