My Problem With Age Of Ultron








First, I want to say that I liked the movie in general and I think it’s mostly a worthy follow up to the original Avengers, and the Marvel Universe.

That said, I have one major problem with the film. And I have to qualify this by saying I’m a very body-positive individual, I think our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of showing, but I feel the close up shot of the hulk penis was unnecessary and gratuitous, and in poor taste.

Anyone who has seen the film will of course know that after a certain fight scene, we see the Hulk nude and that’s fine, and realistic beyond the usual stretchy shorts they give him, but the ten second long extreme close up of just the penis was out of place and added nothing to the movie, and frankly I feel in a PG rated film it was a bit inappropriate.

Again, I don’t think genitals are shameful or evil or any of that stuff, but to show a full unbroken graphic close up of the colossal digital green penis subtly throbbing with gamma radiation just wasn’t a good idea, nor was the “Hallelujah” chorus on the soundtrack during its reveal. That just made it too tawdry, too sleazy for a scene that would otherwise have been very sympathetic to Banner.

Also I personally think Banner would have been circumcised.

What the fuck are you talking about, that didn’t happen. They didn’t show Hulk’s dick on screen. You made this up

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, Facts-I-Just-Made-Up would never just “make up” a fact. My review of Ultron stands and I think people who paid attention to the movie will agree with me.

And to the tumblr who said Hulk’s circumcision would heal because of his healing powers, you forgot that the injury was before his irradiation, meaning it was part of his biological form before the healing powers began and could not have a bio-matrix for the powers to heal. If you spent as much time thinking about the Hulk’s penis as I do (5-7 hours/day), this would be obvious.

Delete this.

Nobody can delete the hulk penis post. It has already spread across the internet. The hulk penis post now exists in every drone, every vibranium body. You cannot kill it. You can only… Evolve.

This right here is why Ultron wanted to kill us all

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