ALAS they couldn’t even if they were ready to have a family!  

Salandria was canonically adopted by Lady Liadrin a while ago, even before I made the first series lol.  I had no idea!  So I wanted to mention her this time.  

TBH i’m not certain any of the Children’s Week stuff between them and Salandria would really happen – it’s just something cute to imagine.  I suppose with Liadrin’s involvement it becomes possible since Liadrin is Sig’s boss (every blood knight’s boss lol), but I doubt she’d leave a kid with Sig.  As of WoD he’s still technically on probation for those Cata shenanigans and his reputation within the Order still isn’t great.  Leon would probably have a better opportunity to babysit despite having minimal past interactions with Liadrin.  

But I AM certain if they ever settle down together, they would definitely be awesome elf dads lol.

The sea roach’s punishment is to take care of his boss’ kid.