Mysterious Neighbors Upstairs


I just walked into the kitchen in the office to get a snack, picked up some yogurt, and was looking for a spoon when I heard a quiet scuffling noise coming from overhead and off to my right. At first I think there’s some little animal stuck in the ducts, and glance around to see if anyone else is there to also hear the mysterious noise. My lone co-worker across the kitchen doesn’t seem to hear anything.

And then I see it.

A paper coffee cup, in a holster made of rubber bands and paperclips, is slowly lowered from a 4″ hole in the concrete ceiling. I start laughing, and my co-worker comes over to see what’s going on. I reach up to catch the cup, call up that I have it and to hold position, and I notice something is inside the cup. My co-worker asks what’s in it.

I hold up a snack pack of Cheez-It crackers.

“We have to send something back!” I immediately blurt as I turn around and dig through the snack drawer behind me. I find a suitable exchange, and secure a pack of Swedish Fish in the cup.

“Okay!” I call. The cup ascends up through the concrete ceiling, hesitating only to align with the coaster-width hole in the concrete, and vanishes. A plastic cap is put back down in place. The hole is closed.

“Who was that?” My co-worker asks.

“I have no idea.” I answer.


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