For $15 I will draw your nerd in their nerdy armor! :V I wouldn’t
leave a weapon untouched like that tho. I opened up commissions on FA as
well but I will be giving tumblr sketchy armor commissions priority. 

Well… in two weeks I am officially laid off. -_- The business I worked for is closing and to top things off due
to a medication switch my budgeting has gone totally out of whack and I
need to save up quite a bit so I can survive when I go back to school. I
already have a couple trips planned and those are payed off, I just
need to cover my butt for when the fall hits @.@

<3 If you are interested please send an email to tehbeccas2@hotmail.ca

Please don’t message my tumblr 🙁 Stuff gets eaten up here!

Some nerd taking commissions!