We’ll go over this one more time, Tumblrina crybabies:

It’s only lorebreaking and terrible when you do it, because you never do it correctly.

We do it correctly, therefore it isn’t lore breaking when we do it.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you’ll stop being one of the bads and become a good RPer.

>keep hush hush about their identities

It’s like they’ve never actually played this game

Cause its not like Chromie just Poofs into a dragon ALL THE TIME. Or, I dunno, the Aspect Shrines in Dragonblight. Or WRATHION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I mean really. Wrathion poofs into a whelp of all things during that entire quest line. 

IF anything, dragons are the WORST at keeping their identities as secret in lore. It’s like “Oh man I’m a dragon, I’m a dragon, I’m a dragon, I should probably hide this but GUYS LOOK, LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO! -poofs into a dragon-”

Dragons are literally like “Bitch, I’m a dragon,” to everyone.
Krasus. He kept it a secret. He’s like the only one who did that.
Him and the black dragons.
Everyone else? Flaming dragons.

This logic makes me wonder what Krasus is plotting. *eyenarrow*

He’s dead and everyone knew he was Korialstrasz for years by then anyway.



You can literally go to Northrend and grind out reputation with the dragons now

You’ve been able to do that since Wrath of the Lich King

You can get exalted with the dragons

They do not give a shit who knows what they are anymore

Hi! I’m Lady Katrana Prestor

You might remember me from such films as “Lady Prestor glares at you”

And “Lady Prestor 

Turns Into


In the Middle of Stormwind Keep

Right in Front of the King”

Bro do you even World of Warcraft?