“But Draenei aren’t horses, they’re goats. So they should have a goat dick.”

Context would only ruin this.


Tev linked me and Dante an edited screencap where we assume (and I say assume cause all we could see was like some thigh and blue horse dong) a draenei was bending a belf over about to give her the horse D

I of course was very confused cause we’re like “why is it always horse dong? they’re clearly goats so why not goat dongs?” and then we started up an intellectual discussion where taurens are also drawn with horse dongs when they’re cow-influenced

so I was like what DOES a cow dong look like? I looked it up and was met with half pictures of people EATING it or it was severed (which does not help me) and half Homestuck references

we’ve come full circle, but the point is, the joke is better with context in my opinion




Not only is it worse with context 

but that context is wrong.

I linked you nothing.

Dante was looking through the belf tag and saw that, mentioned it, but didn’t actually link it. So I go to the belf tag to see what it was and go “That’s a horse dick isn’t it.”