I’ve had to school fake dbz fanboys so many times about Bulma. Fake fanboys always call her useless but how does that make sense when she is a genius? like akira toriyama says that about her so it’s not just my opinion. She invented every important piece of technology the Z warriors use (dragon ball radar, scouters, a TIME MaCHine omg, her and her father created the gravity chamber and she made the remote krillin was supposed to use to deactivate android 18 if he wasnt so busy tripping over his boner).
Bulma is one of the most useful ppl in the series but shitty vegeta fangirls and phony fanboys always try to hate and act like she’s stupid.
Chichi gets similar hate because “omg she wanted gohan to have an education n didnt want him to risk his life fighting”. Well one of gohans parents had to care about his wellbeing and it wasnt gonna be goku.


Bulma is literally the instigator of the entire series. She built the dragon radar and went out hunting for the Dragonballs at the age of 16.