Why talk to someone just for free art when you can talk to them out of genuine interest in who they are? Or how about instead of socializing with an ulterior motive, you just commission them? Everyone gets something for their troubles and you don’t have to hurt their feelings by pretending you care.

I’m not talking about when an artist asks of their own free will for requests from their peers; I’m talking about when strangers come to an artist’s inbox with a request. What you’re doing isn’t supportive to an artist. By being chummy with someone just for a material incentive, you’re not treating them like a person; you’re treating them like a tool. We’re not NPCs that reward you for giving us the right input, we draw for our own personal reasons.  If we fulfill your request, it’s because we decided to; not because you are entitled to it or deserve it for talking to us.

Some artists are kind enough to accept a request or suggestion, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse that kindness or treat every other artist like a potential handout, especially artists who would rather take commissions.