Never, ever assume asexuals have it easy.

Asexuality is growing up under the assumption you are a late bloomer, and then the assumption you are broken.
Asexuality is learning the word and still being afraid to define yourself as asexual because how can you say you don’t feel something you don’t even understand.
Asexuality is coming out to people and having them laugh and tell you ‘when you find the one’
Asexuality is trying to enter spaces that promise acceptance and being told ‘but you’re straight’ 
Asexuality is trying to enter a relationship, worried that if you tell them they won’t give you a chance and worried if you don’t you’re just leading them on
Asexuality is living in a culture that finds sex so vital half the world revolves around it, and never understanding

Asexuality is being told you have it easy, so often you doubt any of your problems are real 

So no. It’s not easy.