So… I have this weird habit of imagining what the characters in other media I like would play in World of Warcraft.

This is what happens when you raid right after watching Steven Universe.

Please, feel free to commence the wedgies and the chanting of “NERD”, lol

First up, we have Pearl. I knew she had to be a belf because belfs are very ballet-esque with their casting animations. I picked a paladin because Pearl is so lawful good it’s obnoxious, and she can still use swords and pole arms.

Amethyst is a Goblin rogue because the personality just fits so perfectly. I couldn’t imagine her as anything other than a Goblin. I bet she went rogue because she wanted to gank Pearl, but didn’t realize they’re on the same faction.

Garnet is a troll shaman, enhancement of course. I was going to make her a troll warrior, but then I remembered how she told Steven she summons her weapons. That she connects with all the elements of the earth.

And Steven would obviously want to play a Pandaren. Come on. He’d probably call them “Pandamen”. And he’s a priest because duh, bubbles/shields.

Steven is still level 1o, while the Gems power leveled to “protect him” in game. Pearl got obsessed with min/maxing once she got over how inaccurate the swordplay is, Amethyst is a trade chat troll/pvp camper, and Garnet is an achievement hunter who some how always has really impressive gear. On weekends they run Steven through low level dungeons.