Actually if you followed WoW lore even halfways decently (a few of the books, most quests, WC2-WC3, at least 4 of the “inspirational one liners” are actually lies… ESPECIALLY the Sylvanas and Jaina (and Aggra but for the opposite reason, she flat out killed and pussyfied Thrall making him a by comparison demonstrably shit character) ones.

Actually, if you followed WoW lore even halfway decently (which, thank you, thank you for immediately calling into question my knowledge of it despite my having a decent enough grasp of it to make these), then you would know why I made these in the first place.

But since apparently the context of this has completely flown over your head, let me be explicitly clear:

The point of this project was to illustrate the wrongs that the game’s storyline, the game’s writers, have done to these characters and others, particularly, Jaina, Sylvanas, and Aggra.

Jaina’s line, “my emotions do not invalidate me,” refers to how, ingame and outside it, despite having a pretty justifiable reason for no longer trusting the horde and its various leaders, she’s treated as if she’s being irrational for being fucking upset, and let’s face it, fucking traumatized at the horrors done to her. Just to name a few things: Being disowned by her blood relatives for allying with what was previously an enemy force, orchestrating the death of her own father to keep that alliance, basically giving up everything in the name of peace and then having that all be for nothing when the city she built from the ground up was destroyed with the magical equivalent of a fucking nuke. But yeah, you know what, I’m wrong, she’s just a crazy fucking bitch. How dare she be upset at what happened to her. How dare she exist past her fucking trauma and be suspicious of the people that fucking betrayed her in the worst possible way.

Now, moving onto Sylvanas: I’m not going to say that I agree what they did with her character, but hey, that’s what the fucking point of this project was, and regardless of whether you think the writers are correct or not with what they did, there is no denying that out of everyone on this post, Sylvanas has the most reason to be fucking angry. She has every right to be fucking furious at what happened to her- murdered by the person who wrecked her homeland, forced to fight for that person, and then having every possible chance to get even or even to get some fucking closure snatched right out of her hands. Sylvanas, by far, has every fucking right to be angry.

And as for Aggra.

They never once have done right by Aggra, not once, not even a little bit. The only reason she wasn’t shelved completely after popping out a kid was because people made a fuss about her not being present in WoD, and rightfully so. I can’t really say that I’m that fond of her, but by no means is this her fault, and to say that she fucking “”“pussyfied”“” Thrall is wrong on so many fucking levels I don’t even know where to begin.

Aggra was not the one who decided that Thrall was going to be developed and let’s face it, warped into the person he is now. The writers were. And to say that this is her fault somehow, is completely fucking incorrect, because all they’ve done with Aggra, they’ve done wrong. They introduced her as a romantic interest with nothing beyond that purpose, they stunted whatever character development that she could have had, and then, when it was discovered she was pregnant with Thrall’s kid, she was completely fucking brushed aside, and only brought up for about 5 seconds during the buildup to SoO when she was used as a fucking manpain object for Thrall. In fact, she probably wouldn’t even have been in the fucking game anymore past that point, if people hadn’t made a big fuss over it. Literally, Aggra was created solely for the purpose of developing Thrall’s character (she exists in no other situation, she is never involved in anything that doesn’t involve Thrall), and nothing else, so to imply that she “pussyfied” him, that she made him less of man somehow, not only is incorrect but also incredibly fucking sexist and shitty and misogynistic.

Honestly dude I don’t know how I can make this any clearer for you, if you missed the point that fucking hard that I had to do this in the first place. Please keep your fucking misogynistic shit off of my fucking art.

Actually no, you pointed out exctly the point of your post, the fact that you dont care for the universe or the story (demonstrably so with the statements on the images), but for specific character representation despite all but one (Sylvanas. tho arguably early on Jaina) being worthless for any important context related to the universe (just as everyone from fucking Velen to Gallywix), which you fucking misrepresent into ten hells of wrong.
Sylvanas is a raging bitch, and she owns her rage with blind judgement which makes her the badass who will probably serve as Lich King 2.0 ESPECIALLY with the political drama that went through mists with Garrosh.

Now for Aggra, all your idiocy aside, how is taking a beloved war hero, honorable leader and fucking badass and turning him into a clover flipping sissy shaman WITH A FUCKING FLIP OF A DIME, not 1000000000000000 times worse than being introduced as a generic background character, she has her honor as his sissy spiritual leader crap and family, HE LOST EVERYTHING DUROTAN AND GROM suffered and died for, BECAUSE OF THAT? 

Actually if you followed Warcraft lore even halfways decently you’d know that Thrall has always been a Shaman:

In one of the most spiritual experiences of his life, Thrall befriended the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Wilds. He became the first new shaman since Gul’dan’s vile corruption of the Horde. He returned to the camp a new orc and became fully immersed in the old ways of the shaman and his clan, embracing his role as son of the chieftain. This was a significant and symbolic event, since Thrall was the first shaman to be accepted by the spirits since Drek’Thar’s time. Not only did this mean Thrall would be destined to be one of the greatest shamans in orcish history, but it also meant that the spirits finally forgave the orcish race for consorting with demonic powers, and deemed Thrall as the first of a brand new generation of shamans.

You literally just called the first new Orc shaman and Temporary Earth Warder a ‘clover flipping sissy shaman’. 

Argument Destroyed.

So uhh, how do you say it..?