Actually no, you pointed out exctly the point of your post, the fact that you dont care for the universe or the story (demonstrably so with the statements on the images), but for specific character representation despite all but one (Sylvanas. tho arguably early on Jaina) being worthless for any important context related to the universe (just as everyone from fucking Velen to Gallywix), which you fucking misrepresent into ten hells of wrong.

Sylvanas is a raging bitch, and she owns her rage with blind judgement which makes her the badass who will probably serve as Lich King 2.0 ESPECIALLY with the political drama that went through mists with Garrosh.
Now for Aggra, all your idiocy aside, how is taking a beloved war hero, honorable leader and fucking badass and turning him into a clover flipping sissy shaman WITH A FUCKING FLIP OF A DIME, not 1000000000000000 times worse than being introduced as a generic background character, she has her honor as his sissy spiritual leader crap and family, HE LOST EVERYTHING DUROTAN AND GROM suffered and died for, BECAUSE OF THAT? To make the “representation” of orc ladies fair or something? To give him a “sensitive” side? FUCK YOU and fuck everyone who thinks one of 100000000 worthless background npcs are worth ruining a beloved character for.
SO NO, it wasnt that she was there to develop Thrall, Thrall was there so that you crazy morons could have another character you dont know what to do with because noone of you SJWs are fans of the source material (or even vaguely follow lore updates post quitting because Wrath killed core lore, Cata butchered raids and Pandaland ruined the rest despite leveling being improved drastically in all 3), while devolving him into a pile of PC crap, so yes making him a coward is by definition pussyfiying him.
(for the rest of the crowd, i hope you take a page out of Sylvanas book and fucking make your own rule instead of nagging and ruining the existing kingdoms, seriously, you cant be human if you are worse than a Sororicide ready actually racist fearless zombie that got its soul ripped twice)