Thank-you everyone that showed up! Hope you all had a blast!

The contest winners go as follow:

The COCK rooster went to Vronaak, xuzaxuza‘s husband, for an absolutely hilarious toast. Birbception!
The corrupted hippogryph went to voltroll‘s Yuanshi for a heartwarming and very sweet toast. Using your husband as a prop does wonders!
50k bigguns went to angrypigeons‘ Quaz! They were funny AND they served drinks. 

acomfyshirt‘s SHIRT won the pujface bust
a-gutter-of-flowers‘s Flower won the hornedfreak bust
haitious‘s Thaeriel won the cheesehound bust

For those of you that won art, please contact the artist. <3

Pujface and myself will be looking into creating more events 😀 The next one will most likely be around Halloween. Thank-you all again, you were all amazing.

Huge thanks to cheesehound, lobstmourne, treatscraft, tevruden, angrypigeons, fox-trix, and dazzle-camouflage! You guys helped make this possible! <3