The warning post itself was made due to the fact that an individual had a conversation with one of the people who helps run this blog about atesh/xkit guy’s actions towards them and their experience with him and it was gross and generally predatory, but this person wishes to not be involved in this, as they have every right to not want to be, so the only thing we were able to do was make a warning post in the hopes that someone else had a story to share about him, but we unfortunately haven’t received any submissions/asks on him at this point in time. If we do receive any, we’ll definitely post it as he’s a popular user on this site and people donating money to a potential predator is definitely an issue, along with him being on this site in general.

If you have anything about atesh/tumblr user xenix that you would wish to share with us, please don’t hesitate to do so. Please come to us off anon, it would be easier to prove the validity of the claims that way seeing that he’s a popular user on this website, and we promise to respect your privacy at all costs.

So it was “someone told someone who i don’t actually know”

And you have received ZERO submissions regarding him

Stop making posts like these with no actual evidence to back up your claim. The people on here are dumb as dog shit and will believe anything you’re going to fuck up someones life for no good reason

“ah yes hearsay, let’s throw my character assassination template at the wall anyway and see if it sticks”

So basically.

“We have no evidence of these claims that we used to fuck up this popular guy’s life, but PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US EVIDENCE SO THAT WE CAN FURTHER RUIN THIS GUY’S LIFE BECAUSE HE IS POPULAR.”

Fuck. You.

Boy, that is a lot of words to say “No, we don’t have any evidence”

Also: Lets talk for a moment about how someone not being a terrible person is “unfortunate.” Because I feel we need to have a discussion on your motives with this blog; considering the phrasing there certainly sounds like you’re running this to incite drama.